Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Expect This Toyota Truck in a Year!


FJ Cruiser built on a highly modified version of the 4Runner's body-on-frame platform, the production version of the FJ Cruiser stands conceptually somewhere between the Nissan Xterra and Honda Element—off-road capable like an Xterra but pretty, weird, and practical like an Element.Exterior styling borrows greatly from the concept that itself had many cues from the original FJ40 Land Cruiser. The idea was to create a familiar yet original design. And Toyota hopes that this vehicle will appeal to younger buyers on a budget. It's certainly the most radical Toyota design outside of the Scion brand. FJ goes on sale early next year. Although Toyota has not announced pricing, however officials said that they expect the base FJ Cruiser to start just below $20,000. Interested ????? Check MORE

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ferrari Unveils F430 Spider


The innovative Ferrari F430 Spider features a new 4.3-liter V-8 that pumps out 483 horsepower and 343 pound-feet of torque—88 more horsepower and 68 additional pound-feet than the 3.6-liter engine found in its predecessor, the 360 Spider. Matched with a Formula 1-derived gearbox that Ferrari claims shifts gears in 150 milliseconds, the compact V-8 propels the F430 Spider from 0 to 62 mph in roughly 4.1 seconds and to a top speed in excess of 193 mph, according to Ferrari.

Here is F430 Spider Technical Specification:

Length: 177.6 inches
Width: 75.7 inches
Height: 48.6 inches
Wheelbase: 102.4 inches
Front track: 65.7 inches
Rear track: 63.6 inches
Curb weight: 3351 pounds

Type: 90-degree V-8
Bore x stroke: 92 mm x 81 mm (3.62 x 3.19 in.)
Total displacement: 4308 cc (263 cu. in.)
Compression ratio: 11.3:1
Maximum power: 483 horsepower at 8500 rpm
Maximum torque: 343 pound-feet at 5250 rpm

Top speed: over 193 mph
0 to 62 mph: 4.1 seconds
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Friday, April 08, 2005

BMW Z9 Convertible.


A glimpse into the future of automotive design and technology, the Z9 is a Grand Touring four-seat coupe concept car, featuring gull wing doors, carbon-fiber skin over an aluminum space frame and the world's first V8 diesel engine! What I think the most outstanding features of the Z9 is the gull wing door. But, these doors can also be opened like a conventional hinged door!
The conventional doors are actually fitted into the gull wings, allowing the doors to function in both ways. The full-length gull wing doors can be opened automatically at the press of a button on the electronic key. Depressing the button on the remote control will both open and close a door. In fact, holding the button down will cause the door to repeat the procedure indefinitely; in effect, like flapping its wing!If you are interested in more info and pictures then click HERE

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


1994 Dauer 962 LeMans


price-----$1 200 000 USD
engine----Porsche Watercooled Flat-6
position---Mid Longitudinal
aspiration-Twin KKK turbochargers
valvetrain-Quad Cam, 4 Valves / Cyl
fuel feed---TAG Mototronic Fuel Injection
power------544.4 kw / 730.0 bhp @ 7400 rpm
hp per litre-243.82 bhp per litre
torque------700.9 nm / 517.0 ft lbs @ 5000 rpm
drive wheels-RWD w/Limited Slip Differential
body / frame-Carbon Fibre / Kevlar
front brakes-Brembro Ventilated Discs w/4-Piston Calipers
rear brakes--Brembro Ventilated Discs w/4-Piston Calipers
front wheels-F 45.7 x 26.7 cm / 18 x 10.5 in
rear wheels--R 45.7 x 33.0 cm / 18.0 x 13 in
f suspension--Double Wishbones w/Adj Anti-Roll Bars, Spring/Damper Units
r suspension--Double Inverted Wishbones w/Radius Rods, Adj Anti-Roll Bars, Spring/Damper
weight--------1030 kg / 2271 lbs
length--------4650 mm / 183.1 in
width---------1985 mm / 78.1 in
height-------- 1050 mm / 41.3 in
transmission--Porsche 5-Speed Manual w/Tiptronic Control, Hydraulic Sinter Clutch
top speed-----404.6 kph / 251.4 mph
0 - 60 mph----2.6 seconds

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ford Shelby Cobra GT500


"Mustang Dream Team" of Carroll Shelby and Ford SVT develop a worthy successor to the legendary Shelby GT500 of the late '60s.Shelby Cobra GT500 has modern performance credentials: 450-plus-hp, supercharged V-8, 6-speed manual transmission, SVT-tuned suspension. SVT functional features with Shelby design flare - LeMans racing stripes, aerodynamic enhancements and 19-inch wheels with cross-drilled brake rotors. The driving zone - red leather seat and door trim, titanium-faced gauges. MORE

Friday, March 25, 2005

The new R-Class, the Grand Sports Tourer from Mercedes-Benz


New Mercedes-Benz R-Class has made its world debut on March 23rd at the New York International Auto Show. An entirely new type of Mercedes-Benz, the new R-Class combines the distinct advantages of several disparate vehicles -- the versatility of an all-weather sport utility vehicle, the performance of a fine sports sedan and the stylish comfort of a luxury wagon. . The new R-Class is being launched first in North America, in autumn 2005; deliveries to customers in Europe will begin at the beginning of 2006. The new R-Class caters to the needs of modern-minded people looking for a car that offers wonderful flexibility combined with athletic performance plus it has excellent standards of safety and impeccable comfort for up to six passengers, the new R-Class also charms with its fascinating styling, prestigious flair and its dynamism out on the road. Innovative design and useful technology now make possible an automotive decathlete -- a Mercedes-Benz sports tourer that can excel at an unprecedented range of owner needs.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cars get into music downloading craze.

Chevrolet will introduce an entertainment-system option on its Uplander minivan this spring that has hard-drive memory capable of storing 40 movies, 10,000 song tracks or basic video games. It will be offered in General Motors' other minivans by the year's end. The system is made by Los Angeles technology company PhatNoise, which has produced an audio-only version as a dealer option for Volkswagen and Audi since 2003. This system works like that; the units are built into the car like regular car stereos. To load music, owners download their CD collection onto a personal computer, and then transfer the data to a cartridge, which is inserted into the car player. Honda included a stereo with memory in the concept version of the Acura RD-X that it showed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. Audio makers started rolling out high-end automotive players that included memory about two years ago, but none caught on. Now they're going to try again, starting next month, with new units by:
•Eclipse. A combination navigation and audio system will have hard-drive storage for 3,000 music tracks, equal to about 250 CDs, and will record off the radio. Ultimately, hard drive is going to replace these other media because it's going to be so convenient. List price: $2,699.
• Clarion. The audio maker is adding three models to its "Music Catcher" line. They use a flash-memory system that doesn't have as much storage as hard drives - up to six CDs worth of music - but is billed as cheaper and more durable. List price: up to $899.
Sony tried earlier with a hard-drive unit that consumers didn't embrace and now it's looking for a new solution. Likewise, Alpine Electronics had a unit with a removable hard drive that used different software from users' PCs, so it was harder to download music for the car. So now, the audio maker is considering new options.
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